• Post their photos and Fight Back!

    Silence allows the con man to continue harming others. You can go from “victim” to “VICTOR”! Post his photo and tell your story. Con men may have aliases, but they rarely change their faces!

Women Against Con Men: Database, Support Forum, Resources for Healing and Prevention, Giveaways, and More...

WAC-M is a Database of Con Artists
and a Place for Victims to Heal

Women Against Con Men or is a web-site for victim advocacy and a support forum for the victims.  We encourage you to post a photo of your con artist, give a testimony and warn others!  You will remain anonymous.

Few Americans have escaped being scammed at one time or another.  But most victims remain silent, because of shame or fear of retaliation.  This silence allows the con artist/Psychopath complete freedom to continue their livelihood of destroying the finances of others. And it keeps the victim from regaining their sense of empowerment.

The number of Psychopaths is growing exponentially.  1 in 25 Americans is considered a full-pledged Psychopath without any conscience or remorse.  The Police either refuse to take action or they are simply too busy with bigger crimes.  It is our opinion that these Psychopaths have hundreds of victims.  Destroying the finances of entire families and walking away without any accountability.

Our purpose is to FIGHT BACK!

We are the Voices Against Predators!

They are Walking in Our Midst & You are Their Prey!


Did he or she sweep you off your feet and into a financial trash can? You dated, lived together or even got married, it was wonderful....then you found out it was ALL a lie? Here is a place where you can ask questions and get answers, offer and receive encouragement, seek or give advice, or just share what's on your mind related to various fraud-related topics...

CLICK HERE to visit the WAC-M Support Forum

WAC-M Giveaways

WAC-M T Shirt

Out of the 1st 100 new members, 10 will be randomly selected to receive a FREE t-shirt!

Sign-up today! Post their photo and give your testimony!

The lucky winners will get a personal e-mail from our Founder Casey Jones asking for your size, color preference and mailing address [winners get to choose whether you want black with pink lettering or turquoise with white lettering].

So register today for Women Against Con Men /!


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  • As a teenager, I dreamt of boys to kiss….
    My mother stomped her feet and said "I'll have none of this!"
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    What I got was a man that I was attracted to, but not what I needed.
    In my 30s, I dreamt of children in my arms hugging me….
    What I got was lots of jet lag and lonely celibacy.
    In my 40s, I dreamt of a successful career and stability….
    But reality set-in and I got lots of expensive therapy.
    For my mother was evil and my brother a psychopath….  Read More

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Video: Dr. James Fallon, one of the world's leading brain scientists

Understanding the causes of Psychopathic Behavior and Brain Abnormalities

Video: Frank Abagnale, Former Con Man

The real life story of the “Catch Me if You Can” movie

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